barcode provides
an all-in-one platform
for any and every event.

Our technology helps you market and manage your events with a comprehensive suite of solutions.

Our technology powers the meetings and events industry with a comprehensive suite of solutions for marketers, planners, suppliers, and venues.



Deliver an event of any format
virtual, in-person, hybrid, or webinar



Immerse your audience in unforgettable experiences with our cutting-edge technology at Barcode Events management. From seamless registration to interactive sessions, Barcode Events Planning ensure your in-person event runs flawlessly, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.


Embrace the best of both worlds with Barcode Events hybrid event solutions. Seamlessly blend in-person and virtual elements, creating an engaging experience for both remote and on-site participants. Our technology at Barcode Events Management enables seamless interaction and collaboration, regardless of attendees' locations.


Unlock the full potential of virtual gatherings with Barcode Professional Event Management state-of-the-art technology. From dynamic virtual booths to immersive virtual networking, our solutions at Barcode Events empower you to host successful and impactful virtual events that surpass expectations.


Make a lasting impression with Barcode Events webinar solutions. Engage your audience with interactive presentations, real-time Q&A sessions, and detailed analytics to measure the impact of your webinars effectively.



Barcode scales to ensure success for all events simple or complex, internal or external



Elevate your conference experience with our powerful technology solutions at Barcode. From seamless attendee registration and engagement tools to advanced session management, we ensure your conference runs smoothly, leaving a lasting impact on participants.


Make your tradeshow a standout success with Barcode's comprehensive technology offerings. Our solutions empower exhibitors and attendees alike with interactive virtual booths, lead generation tools, and real-time analytics, maximizing the impact of your tradeshow presence.



Barcode understands your unique needs for event success in your industry



Maximize your event impact with Barcode's cutting-edge technology solutions. From streamlined event management to engaging attendee experiences, we help agencies deliver exceptional events that leave a lasting impression.

Association & Non-Profit

Barcode empowers associations and non-profit organizations to host successful events. Our technology streamlines registration processes, enhances member engagement, and provides valuable data insights to help you achieve your goals.

Financial Services

Organize impressive financial events with Barcode's comprehensive technology offerings. Our solutions at Barcode facilitate secure transactions, virtual networking opportunities, and seamless content delivery, ensuring your financial events are a resounding success.


Barcode's technology solutions cater to the unique requirements of government events. We provide secure virtual platforms for conferences, seamless registration processes, and data analytics to help government agencies deliver impactful events.

Higher Education

Enhance your higher education events with Barcode's innovative technology solutions. From virtual classrooms to interactive webinars, we provide the tools you need to engage students, faculty, and stakeholders effectively.

Life Sciences & Pharma

Barcode supports life sciences and pharma companies in organizing successful events. Our technology ensures compliance, facilitates virtual meetings, and provides robust data security for sensitive information.


For technology-focused events, Barcode offers cutting-edge solutions to create engaging experiences. From virtual product launches to interactive workshops, we help tech companies make a lasting impact.

Get the most from your events

Events are one of the best marketing channels available to reach and engage with prospects and customers. Drive attendance, then capture and act on audience interests.

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