BARCODE Shines at International Audio-Visual Exhibitions

BARCODE proudly shines in the global spotlight with our standout presence at two major international exhibitions: (………and…………). These events served as exceptional platforms for us to showcase our innovative audio-visual solutions, sparking enthusiasm among industry professionals and visitors alike.

In the audio segment, our Wireless Multimedia Conference System and Multi-purpose Touchscreen Conference Unit took center stage. Our flagship 4.3-inch wireless conference system garnered attention for its user-friendly interface and interactive features, powered by reliable 5G Wi-Fi transmission. Additionally, our remarkable 5-inch Multi-purpose Touchscreen Conference System made waves with its dual redundancy feature, enabling simultaneous handling of digital and analog signal paths.

Our 4K 60Hz Modular Video Wall Processor stole the show in the video segment. This processor, renowned for its multi-layer 4K splicing capabilities, delivered visually stunning content adhering to the highest video sampling standard of “true 4K, 4:4:4”. These groundbreaking features sparked industry conversations and set new benchmarks.

We also presented our Modular Paperless Meeting Solutions and Retractable Screen Paperless Conference System, lauded for their flexibility and practicality. The modular design, allowing easy hardware expansion based on project needs, was particularly impressive. The “seamless multi-platform paperless” feature, coupled with voice-to-text systems, showcased our seamless integration capabilities.

Participating in these exhibitions provided us with a global stage to exhibit our expertise and forge valuable connections. The overwhelming response and positive feedback from industry professionals and visitors have motivated us to further innovate, enhance our technological capabilities, and continue delivering superior audio-visual products and solutions.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate future exhibitions where barcode can connect with everyone and shape the future of the audio-visual industry. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all visitors and industry professionals for their invaluable support. Barcode remain committed to exceeding your expectations with our groundbreaking audio-visual solutions.


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